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A $100.00 deposit is required seven days before the start of a reservation. Pick-up and turn-in times are established with the initial booking.  The reservation deposit is forwarded to the balance due at final payment.  Payment can be made via credit card/debit card, cash and check with prior coordination.

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Reservation cancellations can be made three days before reservation date without penalty; at that time a full reimbursement will be made to the customer's account.  Cancellations made within the three-day window of the reservation or no-shows will not receive a refund.


We reserve the right to cancel for Marine Red Flag warning days and severe inclement weather.  Inclement Weather for this purpose is a lightning, thunder, and or harsh rain.


Recreational Time is from Scheduled Pick-Up to Scheduled Turn-In.

Multi-Day Rentals are non-refundable regardless of weather conditions; Multi-Day pricing accounts for inclement weather.

Calculated Recreational Time will prorate a Daily Rental shortened by inclement weather used up to 75% of the rental cost.

A Daily Rental unable to launch for an entire day due to inclement weather will be refunded its Reservation Deposit.


Pontonn boats are NOT allowed on Lake Michigan; navigation is on White Lake only.

A Damaged Goods Security Deposit form is filled out before the boat launch.  A $500.00 hold is placed on the renter's credit card and removed after an inventory and return checklist is satisfactorily completed.  Renters are responsible for all equipment that is lost and damaged.



release waiver and indemnity form

Inventory checklist

departure checklist

Emergency Operations


 Michigan DNR 

 Click on the DNR web link for additional information on Michigan state laws and regulations regards boating

USCG Pontoon

Operations Checklist

USCG Float Plan

Security deposit form

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